You've Got Mail


Nora Ephron

Greg Kinnear, Meg Ryan, Tom Hanks

Something quite magical happened in the late 2000s. The mainsteam adoption of messaging platforms like MSN became the primary form of communication. Teenagers didn’t want to get slammed with a texting overages. Email had finally overtaken fax. AOL had just started to decline.

This movie doesn’t take place in the late 2000s. It’s unclear which forum or book lovers irc channel brought shopgirl and ny152 together. But this movie does throw you back into a world where accessing the Internet was an everyday adventure that could change your life.

I’m not entirely familiar with the time this movie was made. Although I’m a 90s baby that had some fun times on a computer growing up, it seems quite futuristic thinking about the these lonely hearts meeting online in 1998. The movie even addresses the fact that the two of them meeting online is pretty far-fetched.