How to Describe a Baby

Having ideas is important. Having original ones, probably more important. Rehashing old or others’ ideas into newer and better ones, probably more important. The reason I’m entering this train of thought onto my website in real-time is to try and flesh out what something should be.

I’ve been getting confused a lot because I have my hands too many creative cookie jars. I like to write songs, I like to write scripts, and I like to write code. At the end of the day, I’m writing ideas down. But what should this idea have?

Does this idea have something to do with music? Can you chat, socialize, or search? Maybe. How does it work? Don’t know. Does it run online? Of course it does. Heck, everything is online nowadays. If it isn’t it’s probably not important to many people, or y’know, it’s a secret.

The problem is that when you have a new idea, that idea is a baby. You want it to be fully grown right then and there, but it’s not. You have to put in work, time and effort, just to see it to the water and even then it might drown.

Just because I think of something, doesn’t mean that it’s a thing. I might be able to partially describe it, but that doesn’t make a thing you can touch, hear, feel or watch. It also doesn’t make it my thing until it’s available to the public. Until people see that it’s yours, it’s still in the ideasphere, waiting to be thought of by someone else.

So I’m going to stop writing this now that my ol’ noodle is warm and try to get this idea out. Also, if any of you made it this far looking to learn how to describe a baby, here’s a link to At this time of writing they pretty much just list names and formal descriptions of them to help new parents, maybe they can help. If not and you just want to waste some more time, you can read this.