Waste of Time

I’ve owned this domain for years. I’ve never done anything with it (for the most part.) I had a Tumblr set up for a short while. Then a landing page with links to my social media. It’s seen registrars from all over the map. It’s been on Google and Namesilo, heck, it even GoDaddy for a spell. But I’ve decided to try to create something a bit more permanent and watch it grow over time.

I’m still not entirely sure what I’m going to put up here. Maybe some projects or reviews, maybe just random little tidbits of nothing. For now, it’ll host my résumé and maybe a blog post every now and again. I will probably update you with stuff I’m either learning or working on. Who knows? Maybe I’ll even publish an opinion or two. One thing I can say for certain is that it’s not going to be a blank white page anymore.

I know at the time of this publication, no one is going to be reading this. Don’t take it personally if you’re not the first one find this hidden gem. I have the site “blocked” for lack of a better name. I just don’t want search engines to pick it up right now. Currently, it’s only being used to host my resume, but that’s neither here nor there. The site has to stay blocked for a bit too. It doesn’t really get any traffic, so that’s not necessarily a big deal. I just have some software running on this server that I’ve been testing on and off. I just want to make sure everything up to snuff before I open the flood gates.

So to end whatever you want to call this, I can guarantee that your reading (and my editing) of this thing was a waste of time, and for wasting it, I am sorry. I just need some pages on the site to get the ball rolling, and actually typing out nothing can sometimes get the ol’ noodle running. So, here it is. I’m sure on some end of the earth, someone or some crawler will pick it up and read these meaningless words. My first permanent entry to a site that currently has no content.