Moe Threads


Moe Threads is an online streetwear boutique that sells apparel and accessories that have been inspired by popular culture from around the world. The business was developed by a small team of people that I put together in 2017. The website essentially runs itself besides the addition of new designs and types of clothing. Everything from purchasing and returns is totally automated and all new products are pushed to a monitored queue for social media.


The idea behind this project was that in today’s digital climate, everyone that thinks of themselves as an entrepreneur has some type of t-shirt or drop-shipping business. So I put together a small team whose goal would be to build one just for fun, and we would do what we could to keep it alive in our spare time.


The site requires Javascript, AJAX and cookies to function properly and was designed over the course of a weekend. Since it’s inception, the site has continuously evolved despite any scaling regarding orders and product offerings. The site evolves solely through spare time and availability of those who are working on the project and the funds generated are slowly distributed back into the project.


Moe Threads has a partnership with another project that I am involved with called Too Far Gone. Both projects are in the niche culture space, so the two of them work hand-in-hand where Moe Threads can use Too Far Gone for increased reach and press, and Too Far Gone can use Moe Threads as a source for generating revenue.